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Altered Carbon inspired solid fragrances

Debut day continues…   Listed some new solid fragrances for my Altered Carbon inspired line of products. My personal favorites are The Envoy and Cortical Stack. They are soooo sexy smelling.   Choose from: //The Envoy// inspired by Takeshi Kovacs Fragrance Notes: lotus flower, amber, apple, aldehydes, marigold, sage, raisin, cucumber, patchouli, cardamom, nutmeg, myrrh, […]

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2nd wave of Doctor Who inspired solid fragrances

Solid fragrances from the second wave of my Doctor Who inspired line are now available in the shop! Collect the newest 5: //Fantastic!// Inspired by the 9th Doctor. Notes of: leather, banana, tonka bean, spices, rum, tuberose, iris, benzoin, dark musk, guaiac wood, and tobacco leaf. //I Am Good// Inspired by Martha Jones. Notes of: […]

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19 Geeky Beauty Products That’ll Make You Say “Need!”

My “Bad Wolf” solid perfume made it onto this Buzzfeed suggested products list. Hooray! Visit the treasury -> 19 Geeky Beauty Products That’ll Make You Say “Need!”  

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