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Tolkien inspired perfume jelly

Handcrafted perfume jelly inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels and characters. ▓ Choose From These Scents ▓ //The Grey// fragrance notes: pipe tobacco, poppy flowers, chai tea, coriander, tonka bean, old books //There And Back Again// fragrance notes: baked banana bread, roasted oatmeal stout, fresh cut wood //Hobbit Hole// fragrance notes: pipe tobacco, firewood, […]

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For your humble Hobbit hole

Today I launched my Tolkien-inspired herbal hand soap line with the debut of “Bilbo”. Sold in a pack of 3, these delightful soaps would make a wonderful addition to a Tolkien/Middle Earth/LOTR/Hobbit themed kitchen or bathroom (or wherever you have a sink). Moisturize, tone, and soften your hands with each use. Only $4.

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