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Introducing Cat Bus, a Soot Sprite candle

I debuted one of many recent candle creations today! Introducing “Cat Bus”, the perfect kitchen candle. Inspired by the Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro, this yellow cutie smells of grapefruit, tomato leaf, cantaloupe, cucumber, and tuberose. Check it out here More Soot Sprite (Studio Ghibli inspired) candles coming soon.

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Soot Sprite soap on rope

Today I debuted 4 soaps for my Soot Sprite (Studio Ghibli inspired) line. The neat thing about this soap is that it’s not just ordinary soap, it’s soap on a rope!   Choose from…   ★Castle In The Sky★ Inspired by Laputa: Castle In The Sky //Fragrance notes// datura, vanilla, blueberry, violet, red currant, tonka […]

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