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Trekkie Incense!

The first wave of my Star Trek inspired hand-dipped incense is now available in the shop! These make perfect gifts for incense burning trekkies/trekkers. ◍ Choose From ◍ //Amok Time// – Pear, Clove, and Oud Wood //The Trouble With Tribbles// – Coconut, Dulce De Leche, Marshmallow, Mryhh, Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Vanilla, Oak, and Caraway […]

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Cafe Wonderland Hand-Dipped Incense

Freshly baked and debuting today is my Cafe Wonderland line of hand-dipped incense. Check out the menu and see if anything sounds yummy. ♥ Menu ♥ //Curious Alice// – lemon and raspberry petit-fours. //White Rabbit// – lemon tarts, peony, and rose. //Mad Tea// – bergamot, black tea, buttery banana and nut scones. //Cheshire Cat Grin// – fruit […]

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Curio Cauldron products now available!

Wax Melts + Candles Incense

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