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Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil inspired lip glosses

Today I’m debuting my Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil inspired line with 4 gorgeous and sparkly lip glosses. Choose from: Raspberry Ribbon Lasso – hibiscus and raspberry Tiara Tornado – strawberry, vanilla, and cacao Starcrushed – milk chocolate and peach and Poison Crystal Cupcake Kiss – black cherry and lemon cupcake Check them out […]

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It’s a Jolly Holiday

My Disney song inspired tube lip glosses are now available in the shop! Catch the first wave of 8: Jolly Holiday (Mary Poppins), Topsy Turvy (Hunchback Of Notredame), Higitus Figitus (Sword In The Stone), Colors Of The Wind (Pocahontas), Oo-De-Lally (Robin Hood), Scales And Arpeggios (Aristocats), Pink Elephants (Dumbo), and Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride (Lilo & […]

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A smile and a song

I’ve been working on Disney song inspired lip glosses (for my squeeze tube gloss line) and I’m having a blast with it. Starting off with the films that don’t get enough attention and are extremely underrated (when it comes to Disney films). So far I’ve made: Scales and Arpeggios (Aristocats), Oo-De-Lally (Robin Hood), Almost There […]

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