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Debut of Curio Cauldron’s boudoir fragrances

I debuted 14 fragrances for Curio Cauldron’s boudoir line on April 15th and added 4 more to the line on the 16th. What is a boudoir fragrance? It’s perfect for special evenings out on the town, intimate occasions, and adding that extra oomph to your everyday self-care routine. It isn’t body spray, a roll-on, a […]

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Tolkien inspired perfume jelly

Handcrafted perfume jelly inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels and characters. ▓ Choose From These Scents ▓ //The Grey// fragrance notes: pipe tobacco, poppy flowers, chai tea, coriander, tonka bean, old books //There And Back Again// fragrance notes: baked banana bread, roasted oatmeal stout, fresh cut wood //Hobbit Hole// fragrance notes: pipe tobacco, firewood, […]

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Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil inspired lip glosses

Today I’m debuting my Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil inspired line with 4 gorgeous and sparkly lip glosses. Choose from: Raspberry Ribbon Lasso – hibiscus and raspberry Tiara Tornado – strawberry, vanilla, and cacao Starcrushed – milk chocolate and peach and Poison Crystal Cupcake Kiss – black cherry and lemon cupcake Check them out […]

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