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Bath Salts For Whovians

Debuting some Doctor Who inspired bath salts today! Check them out here or just visit the “For The Bath” section. I separated them into 2 listings so that I wouldn’t overwhelm the shop with bath salt.   The Companions: [The Doctor’s Daughter] inspired by Jenny fragrance notes: lemongrass, pineapple, seaberry, and apricot.   [Spoilers] Inspired by River […]

Shop News

Bathtub Dalek washcloths

Bathtub Dalek washcloths are back! My poor hands and wrists hate me, but I was able to produce a stack of hand painted bathtub Dalek washcloths (and a stack of Chef Dalek pot holders). A bathtub Dalek washcloth is a perfect gift for the Whovian in your life and a delightful addition to a Doctor […]

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