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Twin Peaks inspired lip gloss

It took a while, but the first wave of my line of Death Bag (Twin Peaks inspired) lip glosses are now available in the shop!   Collect the first wave of 6: ‘Fuck You, Tammy’ (inspired by Diane), ‘Fire Walk With Me’ (inspired by Bob), ‘Rare & Precious’ (inspired by Shelly), ‘Double R’ (inspired by […]

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Catch you with my Death Bag

Hey gang,   I’m excited to announce the launch of my Twin Peaks inspired product line! Well, to be specific, the debut of ‘Death Bag fragrances’.   To mark such an epic and gorgeous occasion, I’ve created 6 mini fragrance spritzes for the shop. Collect the first wave: Invitation To Love, Diary Pages, Miss Twin […]

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Death Bag

Hey gang, Perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit, but I’m too excited to keep this one “under my hat”, so to speak. I’ve been hard at work creating roll-on cologne oils and mini spritz fragrances for my Twin Peaks inspired line, ‘Death Bag’. Why call it ‘Death Bag’? Well, for one, it’s a lot […]

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