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Stranger Things inspired lip glosses

I finally got around to debuting another 3 Stranger Things inspired lip glosses. Check them out here //Palace Arcade// inspired by the Palace Arcade flavor: vanilla and lemon //Totally Tubular// inspired by Max and Lucas’ relationship flavor: strawberry, pineapple, and whipped cream pancakes //The Party// inspired by Mike, Justin, Lucas, and Will flavor: brown sugar, […]

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Debuting today:   – Stranger Things inspired lip gloss (Billy the Bully, Bob Newby, MADMAX, Mind Flayer, Zombie Boy, and The Babysitter)   – Stranger Things inspired bath salt (Bitchin’, Coffee And Contemplation, MADMAX, and The Party)   To Stranger Things shop items -> Stranger Things ____________   – Clockwork Orange inspired bath salt (Moloko […]

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Soap Sale!

Get 75¢ off SELECT soap bars in the shop. Click here -> Soap Sale to check them out. Offer includes shaving soaps, beard conditioning soaps, Spooky Ghoulie & Les hommes d’horreur soaps,and Stranger Things inspired soap bars. Keep in mind that the shop’s 25% off Holiday sale is still going, which means extra savings! Hurry […]

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Something is coming…

So if you’re like me, you’re probably hooked on Netflix’s newest sci-fi thriller, Stranger Things, too. Now, I’m a little nutty, and nerdy to the max, so to fully ‘deal’ with my new-found obsession, I’ve decided to make a Stranger Things inspired product line. We’re talking: lip glosses, lip balms, fragrances, soaps and maybe even […]

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