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25 Perfectly Bookish Lip Balms You Need To Get On Your Face

A few of my products are featured in this! ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’ a Maya Angelou inspired lip balm, ‘Kingslayer’ a Game Of Thrones inspired lip gloss, and ‘Lady of the Lake’ a Merlin inspired lip gloss. this way to the list I just sold the last of my Kingslayer, so I’ll have to make […]

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Geeky Gift Guides: 21 Gifts for Your Favorite Trekkie

My “Resistance Is Futile” lip gloss is featured on this Trekkie themed gift guide at #16! I LOVE that Lauren totally made the connection with the color of the gloss and Seven Of Nine’s costume. Visit the treasury -> Geeky Gift Guides: 21 Gifts for Your Favorite Trekkie

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Seven Unusual Examples of WALKING DEAD Merchandise

Yas! My ‘Team Merle’ lip gloss is featured on this list! I knew that it would cause quite a stir, but my Walking Dead inspired line was super popular and most of it is completely sold out, never to return again. I ain’t even mad. “There are several things I do not associate with lip […]

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Bookish Beauty Products

My glosses get a lovely review on this BookRiot.com Bookish Beauty Products listing post. “The delicious and colorful lipgloss options from Merchant of Gallifrey cover all over your bookish/geeky fandom needs. I’m currently digging (clockwise from upper left) Cheshire Cat Grin, Race of Men, Mermaid Lagoon, and Mommy Fortuna.” – Brandi Bailey Thank you, Brandi! […]

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Hooray for surprises!

When you’re checking out your etsy shop stats and notice some of your listings are being featured on various other websites that you never use. My Nausicaa lip gloss was included (#53 on the list of 63 items, in the Nausicca section) on PopSugar.com in a very tasteful Studio Ghibli themed gift treasury. It’s from […]

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