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Crystal Tokyo perfume jelly

Also debuting today is my line of Crystal Tokyo (Sailor Moon inspired) perfume jelly! Choose from 6 scents: //Princess Serenity// fragrance notes: fudge, peony, tuberose, and azalea   //Sailor Scout// fragrance notes: marshmallow, passion flower, pear, mango, black raspberry, vanilla, soft wood notes, cashmere musk, pink peony, orange blossom, and violet   //Chibi Moon// fragrance […]

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Crystal Tokyo solid perfume

I know that I just announced that my Crystal Tokyo line of solid perfumes would debut soon, but it’s debuting sooner than I thought. 4 scents to choose from: //Princess Serenity// fragrance notes: peony, chocolate, azalea, and tuberose //Tuxedo Mask// fragrance notes: rose, teakwood, rosemary, and dragons blood //Sailor Scout// fragrance notes: marshmallow, passion flower, […]

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Crystal Tokyo (Sailor Moon inspired) eyeshadows!

Debuted the eyeshadows for my Sailor Moon inspired line, “Crystal Tokyo”. Choose from: //Queen Serenity// shimmery pink frost //Tuxedo Mask// shimmery grey-purple //Moon Guardians// shimmery golden-yellow //Moon Prism Power// shimmery magenta //Crystal Palace// shimmery blue ice Check them out here

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Sailor Moon inspired bath salts

Crystal Tokyo bath salts are now available in the shop. This line is inspired by Sailor Moon and is absolutely adorable!   Collect the first wave of 6: [Princess Serenity] fragrance notes: chocolate, tiare flower, tuberose, and seaberry.   [Tuxedo Mask] fragrance notes: rose, clove, and rosemary.   [Moon Prism Power] fragrance notes: caramel, honey, […]

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