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Haunted Mansion inspired fragrances

Also making their debut today are my Haunted Mansion inspired fragrances. This listing contains both solid fragrances and perfume oil. Check them out here Choose from these 6 haunting fragrances… //HitchHiking Ghost// fragrance notes: black walnut, firewood, sea salt, Virginia cedar, old pipe tobacco, cognac, white amber, crisp night air, freshly dug graves, bergamot, Atlas […]

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Star Trek inspired perfume oils

Hey Gang! Today I debuted the Star Trek inspired perfume oils I worked on a while back.   ★Choose from★ //Risan Sunset// fragrance notes: passionfruit flower, sea buckthorn, white musk, lemon, hyacinth, carnation, white sand, lavender, sweet orange flower, oakmoss, and lily-of-the-valley //Holosuite Date// fragrance notes: strawberry, red rose, juniper, and tuberose //Dilithium Crystal// fragrance […]

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