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Soot Sprite soap on rope

Today I debuted 4 soaps for my Soot Sprite (Studio Ghibli inspired) line. The neat thing about this soap is that it’s not just ordinary soap, it’s soap on a rope!   Choose from…   ★Castle In The Sky★ Inspired by Laputa: Castle In The Sky //Fragrance notes// datura, vanilla, blueberry, violet, red currant, tonka […]

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My Little Monstrosity eyeshadows

Today I debuted 12 eyeshadows for the My Little Monstrosity line. ▧ Choose from these little monstrosities ▧ //Baby Banshee// bright orange //Bride Of The Monster// deep dark blue //Dr. Marsh Malo// strawberry marshmallow pink //Fiendish Dr. Acula// rust red-brown //Grumpy Ghoul// grey with green undertones //Jean Djinni// bright electric blue //Lady Sea Creature// powder […]

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Crystal Tokyo (Sailor Moon inspired) eyeshadows!

Debuted the eyeshadows for my Sailor Moon inspired line, “Crystal Tokyo”. Choose from: //Queen Serenity// shimmery pink frost //Tuxedo Mask// shimmery grey-purple //Moon Guardians// shimmery golden-yellow //Moon Prism Power// shimmery magenta //Crystal Palace// shimmery blue ice Check them out here

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Wyld Stallyns! eyeshadow set

Today I debuted the eyeshadow set for my Wyld Stallyns! (Bill & Ted inspired) product line. This particular set was extremely fun to make and I can’t wait to start work on lip glosses for this line.   Set includes: // Wyld Stallyns! // San Dimas blue sky // Be Excellent To Each Other // shredding […]

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Altered Carbon inspired solid fragrances

Debut day continues…   Listed some new solid fragrances for my Altered Carbon inspired line of products. My personal favorites are The Envoy and Cortical Stack. They are soooo sexy smelling.   Choose from: //The Envoy// inspired by Takeshi Kovacs Fragrance Notes: lotus flower, amber, apple, aldehydes, marigold, sage, raisin, cucumber, patchouli, cardamom, nutmeg, myrrh, […]

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Warehouse 13 artifact inspired solid fragrances

Debuted some solid fragrances from my Warehouse 13 line today. I can’t stop sniffing these artifacts. I’ll be creating more of these soon, but for now, you can choose from: //Marilyn Monroe’s Hairbrush// a bouncy, sweet floral fragrance notes: white lily, hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, Moroccan jasmine, carnation, tuberose, orange blossom, oakmoss, amber, cedar, orris root, sandalwood, […]

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