My Little Monstrosity Perfume Powders

My Little Monstrosity perfume powders are now available in the shop!

Perfumed Body Powders offer tons of different uses.

Here’s a few:
– perfect alternative to body spray for these hot summer days
– handy dry shampoo on days when your hair is especially oily
– refreshing facial cleanser
– bacteria-killing and odor-fighting foot soak


Choose From These Monstrous Fragrances:

//Teenage Witch//
with notes of: strawberry, honeysuckle, carnation, lily-of-the-valley, and basil.

//My Fair Kaiju//
with notes of: white musk, oakmoss, hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, and carnation.

//Party Ghoul//
with notes of: watermelon, honeydew, apricot, and tuberose.

In the shop ->…/my-little-monstrosity-perfume-powders

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