My Little Monstrosity

This is the label for the tops of the ‘My Little Monstrosity’ lipsticks (-wellllll, what do you call lipstick that’s not in stick form? Anybody? Bueller?) that I’ve been working long hours on, along with the many other products I’ll be offering in the shop later.
Anywho, these are rad because I’m combining two different lipsticks together in the same container so that patrons will be getting TWO lipsticks for the cost of one. That’s right, mini lipstick palette! Since they’re in these containers (much like the containers my glosses come in), application of the lipstick must be done with a lip brush (I’m considering the inclusion of a disposable lip brush/wand with each container sold). Later on down the road, I’ll be offering the full sized versions of the lipsticks in their own individual containers.
Okay, now let me explain the theme of ‘My Little Monstrosity’. The basic premise is that some mad scientist in a laboratory is cranking out all of these little ‘monstrosities’ and releasing them into the world (but think Garbage Pail Kids and My Little Pony melded together to become one entity). I’m super excited for this line, it’s gonna be so much fun.
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