My Little Monstrosity fragrances

Debuting perfume from my ‘My Little Monstrosity’ line today…

▓ Choose From These Scents ▓

//Lady Sea Creature//
fragrance notes: sea salt, coconut butter, sea minerals, yuzu, lemon pulp, water lily, cyclamen, bamboo, sea water, musk, driftwood, and Italian mandarin

//Miss Fortunate//
fragrance notes: golden hydrangea, cherry blossom, vanilla, musk, ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood, pine needles, fall leaves

//Professor Invisible//
fragrance notes: clove, tobacco, aloe, teakwood, mahogany, green clover

fragrance notes: espresso, fudge, cocoa, buttercream, jasmine, honey, musk, and vanilla infused balsamic vinegar

//Swamp Mistress//
fragrance notes: guava, dragon fruit, kelp, dirt, rainwater, bamboo, coconut blossom, jasmine, gin, and bergamot

//Veggie Vampire//
fragrance notes: tomato leaf, banana, snapdragon, rose, pink grapefruit, peach, Valencia orange, raspberry, sorbet, musk, and fresh air

//Witchy Woman//
fragrance notes: primrose, black currant, Caribbean teakwood, and vanilla.

//Zombie Cheerleader//
fragrance notes: powder, pineapple juice, strawberry, blood orange, coconut milk, Caribbean rum, tonka bean, mimosa, and vanilla

Check them out here

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