Debut of Curio Cauldron’s boudoir fragrances

I debuted 14 fragrances for Curio Cauldron’s boudoir line on April 15th and added 4 more to the line on the 16th.

What is a boudoir fragrance?

It’s perfect for special evenings out on the town, intimate occasions, and adding that extra oomph to your everyday self-care routine. It isn’t body spray, a roll-on, a solid/balm, or a spritz. It comes in a discrete little vial that you can easily store in a nightstand drawer, your pocket, or a purse. Its scent is one that tantalizes and flirts with the senses, giving you an aura of mystery. What else could one possibly desire of a boudoir fragrance?

What makes it different than regular perfume?

It’s specially formulated with Cyclomethicone which gives the fragrance a lightweight, silky texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. Once applied to the body’s pulse points, these fragrances offer long-lasting, luxurious, and sometimes mouthwatering aromas.

Check them out in the fragrance section of the shophere.

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