Introducing Curio Cauldron

I just wanted to let my loyal shop patrons know that I have opened an additional shop on Etsy called Curio Cauldron ( Curio Cauldron will sell my more witchy/esoteric/spooky/goth/punk/jazzy/non-nerdy products that don’t quite fit in with Merchant Of Gallifrey’s aesthetic. Since Merchant Of Gallifrey is already an established entity, Curio Cauldron will be considered an offshoot company of it. Should Curio Cauldron do well on its own, it will get its own website urlĀ and everything. Nothing is listed in the Curio shop as of yet, but I’ve been making incense and candles to list so far. I’m very very excited aboutĀ this new adventure and hope it will gain as much support and popularity as Merchant Of Gallifrey has.



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