Haunted Mansion inspired fragrances

Also making their debut today are my Haunted Mansion inspired fragrances. This listing contains both solid fragrances and perfume oil.

Check them out here

Choose from these 6 haunting fragrances…
//HitchHiking Ghost//
fragrance notes: black walnut, firewood, sea salt, Virginia cedar, old pipe tobacco, cognac, white amber, crisp night air, freshly dug graves, bergamot, Atlas cedarwood

//Page 1313// inspired by Madame Leota Toombs
fragrance notes: orchid, Arabian sandalwood, and coconut milk

//Hatbox Ghost//
fragrance notes: crisp night air, freshly turned soil, juniper, and clean cotton

//Haunted Heart// inspired by Constance Hatchaway
fragrance notes: lotus flower, blackberry, ylang-ylang, tulip, strawberry, black currant, sandalwood, almond tree, blueberry, jasmine, rose, Virginia cedar, peony, and rosewood

//Doom Buggy//
fragrance notes: vanilla bean, Somali rose, plumeria, honeysuckle, black currant, bayberry, and rosemary

//Haunted Mansion//
fragrance notes: lily-of-the-valley, dusty library, sooty fireplace, musty cellar, clove, white amber musk, wisteria, clean cotton, sea salt, and magnolia

more to come…

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