Gotham inspired vegan solid fragrances

I finally have found time to list my Gotham inspired vegan solid fragrances, so they’re making their debut today.

Check them out here

Choose from 3 different scents…

//Gotham Sirens// inspired by the femme fatales of Gotham
fragrance notes: black currant, Arabian rose, vanilla, and lotus flower

//Maniax// inspired by The Maniax
fragrance notes: dark amber, blood orange, cranberry, Hawaiian orchid, and dragons blood.

//Riddles For Riddler// inspired by Edward Nygma, The Riddler
fragrance notes: suede, juniper, tonka bean, balsam fir, quince, oakmoss, pepper, wormwood, green leaves, patchouli, lavender, fennel, tobacco, basil, jasmine, orris root, rhubarb, woody notes, and cinnamon

More scents to come…

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