Star Trek inspired perfume oils

Hey Gang!

Today I debuted the Star Trek inspired perfume oils I worked on a while back.


★Choose from★

//Risan Sunset//
fragrance notes: passionfruit flower, sea buckthorn, white musk, lemon, hyacinth, carnation, white sand, lavender, sweet orange flower, oakmoss, and lily-of-the-valley

//Holosuite Date//
fragrance notes: strawberry, red rose, juniper, and tuberose

//Dilithium Crystal//
fragrance notes: grapefruit, cranberry, and white ginger lily

//Lwaxanna Takes A Lover// inspired by Lwaxanna Troi
fragrance notes: geranium, almond milk, bergamot, pink pepper, sandalwood, cashmere wood, jasmine, dianthus, gardenia, heliotrope, benzoin, and banana

//Riker’s Trombone// inspired by William Riker
fragrance notes: chocolate, clove, bayberry, sandalwood, Somali rose, bay leaf, and firewood

//Coffee, Nebulas, & Conundrums// inspired by Captain Janeway
fragrance notes: coffee, plum, cacao, clove, and almond

//10 Forward// inspired by Guinan
fragrance notes: apple blossom, white pepper, musk, gardenia, iris, sandalwood, bergamot, rose, milk, and lotus flower

//Ketracel-White// inspired by The JemH’dar
fragrance notes: coconut milk, oakmoss, lavender, green notes, firewood, freshly tilled soil, and hints of citrus

//Imzadi// inspired by Deanna Troi
fragrance notes: chocolate, violet, tiare flower, and African musk

More to come…

Check them out here

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