Good Cryptkeeping: Corpse Paint

Some of my products were reviewed in GhastlyGrinning’s Good Cryptkeeping article, Corpse Paint…

“Whether your nerdiness is based in horror, like us, or the more sci-fi/fantasy side of things, Merchant of Gallifrey has something for every geeky notion when it comes to fandom makeup. Lip glosses inspired by Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, even David Bowie albums abound; my personal favorite was “Sanderson Sister”, a moisturizing but not-sticky gloss that was sheer but still carried plenty of color in a sort of spicy terra-cotta brownish red. The gloss had a very nice smell and the texture was creamy and not heavy or gloopy; Vylette used it and complimented the smooth application and formula while Marie used it in “Spooknik”, a sheer gray-black gloss that darkens whatever lip base you might be wearing while giving you a great-smelling top coat of glitter and shiny moisture. Their strength is in their lip gloss; they do carry eyeshadows, which are adorable and have great pigment and awesome names, but if you’re looking for a wide range of shadow shades there are other shops to choose from. Hopefully, Merchant will be expanding their eyeshadow line soon, as the pigments we did test (“Swamp Mistress”, a mossy deep green metallic hue from the “My Little Monstrosity” collection and the “Post-Punk” quad, where each color is named after a cool alternative song), were great. I especially loved ‘Charlotte Sometimes’, a vivid magenta, and ‘Bela Lugosi’s Dead’, a gunmetal gray. The colors pop but lack the insane intensity of some other brands (though if you put them over primer, as always, the payoff is much more rich) so these are more suitable for those who like to be a little more conservative with their spooky makeup.”



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