Soot Sprite soap on rope

Today I debuted 4 soaps for my Soot Sprite (Studio Ghibli inspired) line. The neat thing about this soap is that it’s not just ordinary soap, it’s soap on a rope!
Choose from…
★Castle In The Sky★
Inspired by Laputa: Castle In The Sky
//Fragrance notes// datura, vanilla, blueberry, violet, red currant, tonka bean, frangipani, pomelo, sandalwood, musk, vetiver, patchouli, and mandarin orange.
//Contains// shea butter, honey, rose water, dehydrated milk, raw cocoa butter
★Yubaba’s Bathhouse★
Inspired by Spirited Away
//Fragrance notes// clean green notes, lily-of-the-valley, pepper, wood notes, jasmine, rose, white musk, bergamot, lemon, peach, black currant, vanilla, and Akigalawood.
//Contains// olive oil, honey, mango powder, raw cocoa butter, dried bay leaf, rose water, vanilla extract, dehydrated milk
★On The Cliff By The Sea★
Inspired by Ponyo
//Fragrance notes// sea salt, oakmoss, grapefruit, coconut milk, hyacinth, lily-of-the-valley, carnation, and white musk.
//Contains// goats milk, olive oil, rose water, raw cocoa butter, sea salt, dehydrated milk, essential oil
★Keeper Of The Forest★
Inspired by My Neighbor Totoro
//Fragrance notes// moss, musk, chamomile, spearmint, labdanum, peppermint, galbanum, clove, gardenia, rose, ylang-ylang, linden, amber, patchouli, jasmine, and grapefruit.
//Contains// goats milk, olive oil, honey, rose water, raw cocoa butter, dehydrated milk, dried peppermint, essential oil
Check them out here
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