Bath Salts For Whovians

Debuting some Doctor Who inspired bath salts today! Check them out here or just visit the “For The Bath” section. I separated them into 2 listings so that I wouldn’t overwhelm the shop with bath salt.
The Companions:
[The Doctor’s Daughter] inspired by Jenny
fragrance notes: lemongrass, pineapple, seaberry, and apricot.
[Spoilers] Inspired by River Song
fragrance notes: dark chocolate, vanilla, guava, waterlily, tiare flower, amber, apricot, tuberose, apple, mandarin orange, and woody notes.
[Last Centurion] inspired by Rory Williams
fragrance notes: Douglas fir, Virginia cedar, musk, black currant, grapefruit, and lily-of-the-valley.
[Impossible Girl] inspired by Clara Oswald
fragrance notes: cherry blossom, apricot, almond, carnation, and cacao.
[Come Along, Pond] inspired by Amy Pond
fragrance notes: tuberose, pomegranate, grapefruit, jasmine, orange blossom, and vanilla.
[RoboMop] inspired by Bill Potts
fragrance notes: pineapple, pear, grapefruit, raspberry, green notes, jasmine, rose, violet, litchi, apple blossom, musk, virginia cedar, and plum.
The Doctors:
[Timelady] Inspired by the 13th Doctor
fragrance notes: freesia, tuberose, vanilla, jasmine, pear, melon, lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, peach, rose, musk, plum, orchid, mandarin orange, violet, blackberry, bergamot, and cedar.
[Bring Me Knitting] inspired by the 8th Doctor
fragrance notes: palmarosa, musk, osmanthus, amber, vetiver, bergamot, vanilla, patchouli, and African orange flower.
[Sorry, Must Dash] inspired by the 5th Doctor
fragrance notes: strawberry, sweet orange blossom, lemon citrus, lavender, powder, and musk.
[Oh My Giddy Aunt!] inspired by the 2nd Doctor
fragrance notes: cookie dough, dark musk, lilac, and jasmine.
More to come so stay tuned!
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