Nothing? Nothing, tra-la-la?

The shop has been extremely busy these past few days and my solid fragrances (in the tubes) are in high demand (especially the Doctor Who inspired ones that were featured in the Buzzfeed article). I am completely sold out of ‘Bad Wolf’ and a few others, so I’ll have to whip up a few more batches of those and re-list them as soon as possible (later this week). Due to the increasing popularity of the solid fragrances, I went ahead and created some for my line of Labyrinth inspired products (I’ll be listing these as soon as I can take some product pictures).

So, hopefully, that’ll have people being like…

I cannot wait for my hiatus in June, though. I need some time out in the fresh air. My hands and my back need some rest. I’m going to rest so hard, you guys, I’m not even kidding.

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