Day: May 15, 2017


Labyrinth inspired solid fragrances are now available in the shop. Collect the first wave of 5: ‘No Power Over Me’, ‘Center Of The Labyrinth’, ‘It’s Only Forever’, ‘As The World Falls Down’, and ‘Dance, Magic, Dance’.

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My Little Monstrosity

This is the label for the tops of the ‘My Little Monstrosity’ lipsticks (-wellllll, what do you call lipstick that’s not in stick form? Anybody? Bueller?) that I’ve been working long hours on, along with the many other products I’ll be offering in the shop later.   Anywho, these are rad because I’m combining two […]

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Nothing? Nothing, tra-la-la?

The shop has been extremely busy these past few days and my solid fragrances (in the tubes) are in high demand (especially the Doctor Who inspired ones that were featured in the Buzzfeed article). I am completely sold out of ‘Bad Wolf’ and a few others, so I’ll have to whip up a few more […]

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